Friday, January 19, 2018

Class logins
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Monday, September 25, 2017 586-791-6301 x 2902

Please email to set up a day before school if you need to meet or for tutoring.

- To retake a test you must have completed all of your work for this unit by the original test date. If you did not you are not able to retake the test.
- To retake a test you need to complete the attached form within 3 days of the original test date. Request to Retest form

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Weekly Plans

EXTRA CREDIT - You can watch each slide presentation for a chapter and take notes in their own words. To receive credit it must be turned in before the students takes that test and the notes must be on each slide presentation in the chapter.

Mon March 16
electricity pretest
activate prior knowledge on electricity
Electric charge and static electricity 20-1 presentation

Tues March 17
Electric Current and Ohm's Law 20-2 presentation and outline
Assign Electricity presentation

Wed March 18
Electric Circuits (20-3) presentation and guided viewing
Work on presentation

Thurs March 19
Work on presentations

Fri March 20
Electric Devices (20-4) presentation
Work on presentations

Mon March 23
Review work
Work on Presentations

Tues March 24
Work on presentations

Wed March 25
Work on presentations

Thurs March 26
Work on presentations

Fri March 27
Review work

Mon March 30
quizlet, braingenie, and kahoot review

Tues March 31

Wed April 1
Work on presentations

Thurs April 2
Work on presentations

Fri April 3
Your presentations should be complete.